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From the President:

I would like to send a BIG thank you to Annie & Jack for renewing as 'donor' members - that's a $250 membership!  Thanks for your incredibly generous show of support.  We couldn't do it without you! 

You do not want to miss our June program - The Florida Yards and Neighborhood Program by Lynda Powell the program coordinator in Hernando County.  I am so excited about this new program because its mission is  consistent with our core philosophy.  You guys will love Lynda because she's terrific!  I just have to blow my own horn and announce that mine is the first yard to be certified by Lynda and the new program.  I want each and every one of our members to work on obtaining their certification.  Let's give this new program the support it deserves.       


Sharon LaPlante

(352) 754-5417

Education Chairperson

Sue Blakeman

(352) 799-4101


Cindy Conard

(352) 596-8003

Refreshment Chairperson

Linda Vanderveen

(352) 754-9436


Vince Morris

(352) 799-8692

Media Liaison 

Howard Wolf

(352) 666-2471


Sid Taylor

(352) 344-4705

Landscape Ordinance Chair.

Ray Heddleson

(352) 596-4279


Donna Morris

(352) 799-8692

Chapter Representive

Cindy Liberton

(352) 583-2384

Program Chairperson  

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The Hernando Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society (Membership Application)

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___ Individual  $25.00     ___ Family  $30.00   ___ Contributing   $40.00  
___ Non-profit organization   $50.00   ___ Business  $100.00   ___ Full time student   $15.00  
   ___ Newsletter subscription   $15.00   ___ Supporting   $100.00    ___ Donor   $250.00  

Please make check payable to:  The Florida Native Plant Society, P.O. Box  690278, Vero Beach, FL 32969-0278, (561) 562-1598,

  To send correspondence to the Hernando Chapter please write to: P.O. Box 10732, Brooksville, FL 34603.


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