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I Eat Weeds


by Sharon LaPlante

Since our program on September 14th is going to be about wild edibles I thought I would share a book with you that Kristin Wood just shared with me. It is called I Eat Weeds, and the author is Priscilla G. Bowers. If you eat weeds you have got to get this book because it is great! No Florida library should be without it!

I have been eating weeds myself for years. I usually make up my own recipes as I go because there are few if any recipes for wild foods (Euell Gibbons has given me a lot of guidance). It seems that most books suggest uses rather than having actual recipes to follow. Well, I Eat Weeds is full of recipes for using wild plants. I just made the Spanish Needle Quiche and wow it was good! I'm sure all the husbands out there reading this are cringing right now, but my husband loved it! I must admit he is a brave soul because he tries everything I make out of weeds.

Not only is it full of recipes, but it is also full of plant information. There are 69 very thorough plant profiles. Each one has a line drawing, the family name, a description, region, and nutritional information.

I called Ms. Bowers on August 18th, to ask about ordering info, and she could not have been nicer or more thoughtful! She told me she is working on a second book that will be titled I Eat Weeds II. She said the second book will have even more plant information in it! She also conducts workshops, for a nominal fee, where the participants can cook with her. Sounds like great fun! She gave me her e-mail address, and told me to call or e-mail her with any questions that I might have. I told her I would pass on that information to the members.

To order her book send $22.62 ($17.95 + 6.5% tax + 3.50 shipping) to Buttercup Press, 4599 Palmer Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210-2039. If you have any questions you can call Ms. Bowers at (904) 388-6808, or e-mail her at


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